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Illuminati Symbolism In Blade Runner, What Does It All Mean?

Asks Writer Richard Thomas

By: Richard Thomas  |@RichardThomas
 on 2nd June 2014 @ 9.54am
 blade runner is an undisputed cult classic and stands today as arguably the best sci fi movie ever made © Twitter
Blade Runner is an undisputed cult classic and stands today as arguably the best sci-fi movie ever made.

Made by visionary director Ridley Scott, Blade Runner is about far more than Harrison Ford hunting down and ‘retiring’ rebel replicants. The first Philip K. Dick big screen adaptation, Blade Runner is an undisputed cult classic and stands today as arguably the best sci-fi movie ever made; its dark, post-apocalyptic and even post-organic urban setting providing one of the few really believable sci-fi backdrops in the history of the genre. Combined with larger questions about the nature of reality and what it really means to be human, it's this convincing and well thought out future world Scott creates that invites five cuts and frequent re-watching by fans.

Ridley Scott's vision of a future Los Angeles couldn't be much more different to the city we know today, although, it's a lot closer now than it was in 1982 when Blade Runner was initially released and eclipsed by Steven Spielberg’s ET. With its colossal skyscrapers, heavy pollution and torrential downpours; Scott’s future Los Angeles looks more like a darker New York City than LA. Like in Alien before it, in Blade Runner Scott presents a “used future” only this time it's nature itself that's falling apart and not just a spaceship. In the film climatic change has apparently wiped out most animal life to the point where artificial copies are far more common and affordable than the real thing and humans, who can afford it, leave Earth to live on the "off-world colonies". There is another aspect of Scott's future LA which is completely missed by most filmgoers, however, and that is that Blade Runner is riddled with Illuminati imagery and symbolism, the best example of this being the "all seeing eye."  The film opens with an extreme close-up of Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard's eye and there are numerous other eye shots throughout the film. Eyes are even important to the plot of the film as looking for the “involuntary dilation of the iris” is the only way to tell the difference between replicants (artificial humans) and real humans. However, are the glowing eyes of the replicants really supposed to represent the “All Seeing Eye” of the Illuminati? 

In his DVD commentary for Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Ridley Scott did say that the eye imagery was meant to be reminiscent of George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and that it was meant to imply that the world of Blade Runner isn't that far removed from the totalitarian regime depicted by Orwell. While not an admission that the eye imagery in Blade Runner has anything to do with the Illuminati, Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is a favourite tool of conspiracy researchers for explaining what the New World Order system they believe the Illuminati are covertly constructing around us will be like.

According to Scott in his commentary he envisioned Blade Runner as a future completely economically, technologically and politically dominated by three or less mega-corporations. In effect, it is a world caught in the iron grip of total corporatism: a situation disturbingly close to today but still a somewhat novel idea back in 1982. The largest and most powerful of these new inter-planetary superpowers is the Tyrell Corporation, named after its founder and the almost God-like creator of the Nexus-6 series Replicants, Dr. Eldon Tyrell: a mega-genius in the mould of Frankenstein, with no qualms about the morality of creating beings “at least equal in intelligence” to himself.

 ridley scott said blade runner s imagery was meant to be reminiscent of george orwell s 1984 © Creative Commons
Ridley Scott said Blade Runner's imagery was meant to be reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984

Tyrell's company motto "more human than human" should ring some alarm bells for anyone who has ever seen the ending of Alex Jones's documentary film Endgame. In the internet blockbuster, the radio show host alleges that the secret elite’s plan is to wipe out 80% of mankind and replace the human species with what they believe is the next stage in human evolution: the post or transhuman. This great evolutionary leap forward, as the Illuminati see it, would allegedly involve the merger of humans with machines, or in other words, the creation of the partly organic "more human than human" replicants of Blade Runner. It's the Tyrell Corporation's taste in architecture and wild life, however that really sounds the Illuminati alarm bell. The Tyrell Headquarters are a gigantic seven hundred stories tall pyramided skyscraper resembling an Aztec or ancient Egyptian pyramid. A classic symbol associated with the Illuminati, the pyramid has always been an icon of authoritarianism and higher power. A meeting place between Heaven and Earth where great Kings and High Priests became gods in their peoples' eyes, Ridley Scott and/or screenwriter David Peoples couldn't have picked a more appropriate design for the headquarters of the powerful Tyrell Corporation that dominates Earth and "off world colonies" in the year 2019.

In the documentary Dangerous Days: The Making of Blade Runner it's explained that the pyramid design was chosen because in an older script Tyrell was exposed to be a replicant copy. The real Tyrell having died and been cryogenically preserved in a giant glass sarcophagus at the centre of the pyramided complex. Tyrell HQ, in effect, then was originally envisioned as being a kind of tomb like the pyramids of the Pharaohs. Be that as it may, perhaps there is a better reason for the strange choice of 2019 architecture.  Conspiracy researchers believe the pyramid, including the one on the back of the US one-dollar bill, represents the compartmentalisation of hidden knowledge: the Illuminati system of control. It is alleged that for the Illuminati the pyramid represents the dumbed-down masses of humanity at the base with themselves, a tiny enlightened elite, ruling on top at the capstone. 

Another Illuminati symbol in Blade Runner are owls. When the Deckard character played by Harrison Ford first visits Tyrell’s office, he is greeted by a replicant owl, which according to Ridley Scott is Tyrell's official mascot and emblem. Mirroring fiction, the mascot of the Bohemian Grove in Northern California, has been an owl since it was founded in 1872. Every year the rich and powerful attend the secretive summer camp, which opens with a bizarre “play” called “Cremation of Care” in which a doll of a child is sacrificed to a forty foot statue of an owl. In July 2000, the strange ritual was secretly recorded by Alex Jones who sneaked into the grove with British journalist Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Assuming these symbols are really in the film and not just a coincidence, it raises the question: why would an alleged secret society like the Illuminati put their secret symbols in big Hollywood films for everyone to see? Dean Hugland, who played Langly in The X-Files, had his own thoughts on this when I interviewed him in 2010: 

"I have heard that the popular culture is used as a tool by whatever elite, business, government, Illuminati, etc., to both gauge and control the populace. That is, the conspiracy is the conspiracy theory itself, making its way into the mainstream culture, thereby usurping the power of the populace to alter it, because one can diminish some researcher or whistleblower as someone who 'just watches too much X-Files.'"

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