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Evidence Suggests Ebola Is A Bioweapon Manufactured By The US

Accusations surrounding the deadly virus outbreak

By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
 on 27th September 2014 @ 12.03pm
was the deadly ebola strain manufactured by the us © Twitter
Was the deadly Ebola strain manufactured by the US?

Fear and moral panic have spread like wildfire since the devastating outbreak of the Ebola virus has hit African nations and is reportedly becoming out of control. But even more shocking, are accusations that the US manufactured the virus strain under the guise of vaccinations – infecting thousands in a bioterrorism plot.

Wikipedia synopsises that the award-nominated film saw a team of virologists head to a rural African region in Zaire where a deadly Ebola-like fever was discovered. When the virus was first found, Army officials destroyed the camp of any evidence, but the disease resurfaced several years later. With the infection spreading, the US military impose martial law in the area in a bid to contain the virus, yet it turns out that the head official was holding back information regarding the viruses potential to be a biological weapon and presidentially authorised plans to nuke the town.

This all sounds scarily familiar.

dark clouds loom over west africa and a distraught woman wails as ebola tears countries apart © Twitter
Dark clouds loom over West Africa and a distraught woman wails as Ebola tears countries apart

So far, the Ebola outbreak has ravaged West Africa, starting Guinea and moving across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria; claiming a death toll of nearly 3,000 as of September 21st according to WHO figures reported by Wall Street Journal. There is a total of 6,263 confirmed or suspected cases and it is strongly feared that the horrific disease could infect at least 20,000.

WHO details that the virus is contracted by humans from wild animals, and is then transmitted human to human by direct contact with blood, bodily fluids and secretions from infected individuals. This also includes direct contact with surfaces and materials contaminated with the infected fluids. Once infected, the patient will display influenza-like symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, head and muscle aches in the early stages of the incubation period. But Ebola reaches severity, the haemorrhaging fever induce vomiting, chronic diarrhoea, kidney and liver failure; but most horrifying: internal and external bleeding.

With US President Obama urging nations worldwide to join the campaign to help fight the virus, comes shocking revelations that the US may have started the outbreak in the first place.

This was first reported in an exclusive article by Hong Kong-based journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, on American radio host Jeff Rense’s website. In it, Shimatsu details, “The Ebola pandemic began in late February while UN agencies were conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns for three other diseases in rural districts”.

“The simultaneous eruption of this filovirus in widely separate zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans”.

ebola vaccine  only works on those with white skin  says the cdc © Twitter
Ebola vaccine 'only works on those with white skin' says the CDC

An antidote which allegedly only works on white people. The News Nerd reported last week that according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the trial vaccine will only work on individuals with white skin. Scientists explained that the antidote, which was only administered to a sample of 200 people, will only work on white people and that high levels of melanin (skin pigment) in coloured people somehow affects the medicine.

“Early tests of the experimental drug, which would effectively combat the spread of Ebola, have proved successful only in those with white skin”, says a statement.

“We are working diligently to improve the sample to be able to help all those in need”.

But the American public aren’t fooled, expressing condemnation as despite the 1,000 of infected Africans in need of the cure, it has only been administered to two white American aid workers who were flown home for treatment and are now Ebola-free – adding fuel to conspiracy theories that the US has the cure and has no plans to give to African patients.

Shimatsu highlights the fear of mass genocide in rural West Africa, and this fear is further ignited after infected patients have been moved to ‘death camps’ – rounded up and quarantined in isolation zones.

This controversial conspiracy theory that Ebola is a bioweapon has also come to media attention recently, after Liberia’s top newspaper The Liberian Observer published a report by plant physiologist Dr. Cybil Broderick, who suggested that the virus is a genetically modified organism (GMO).

Broderick refers to the Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s 1997 book ‘Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?’ in which Horowitz “confirmed the existence of an American military-medical-industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of ‘black Africans overseas’”.

“WHO and several other UN agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing programmes”.

And not only has the mass genocide been suggested as one of the motives for this, but also the opportunity to instigate war.

us troops get ready for war    against ebola © Twitter
US troops get ready for war... against Ebola?

Global Research reports that the development of tobacco plant-based experimental drugs by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and partners, is part of the Blue Angel project that originally saw the development of a vaccine for the H1N1 virus (swine flu) – which caused a pandemic in 2009.

“The project’s goal is to improve the US’s response to pandemic influenza through accelerated vaccine production”, Global Research quotes project manager Dr. John Julias to have explained.

"The Blue Angel programme was built around the concept that the Department of Defense requires a capability to rapidly respond to any pandemic or biological threat that jeopardises warfighter readiness” - harkening to the experiments during the Cold War, in which Nazi scientists, the Army and the CIA administered up to 400 drugs in soldiers ‘in an attempt to advance the US ability to wage war’.

So it is not surprising that people are questioning the circumstances behind the Ebola outbreak and motives of medical testing, the deployment of 3,000 US troops to ‘help fight’ the virus in Liberia and the looming pandemic as the disease spirals out of control. Maybe the 1995 film Outbreak wasn’t really fiction after all - but a premonition.


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