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Ebola The Global Killer Created By The Press And The Government

Ex- Mi5 David Shayler Looks At The Current Ebola Scare

By: David Shayler  |@gods_spy
 on 10th October 2014 @ 2.54pm
ebola  be very afraid    of big pharma s  cures  and big government s reaction © wiki
Ebola: Be Very Afraid -- Of Big Pharma's 'Cures' and Big Government's Reaction

With lines like 'It’ll make your dick fly off!' and 'Oh my God, the Wheat Thins!' as the Marsh family rush to get everything gluten out of the house, it gives more than a nod to the other kind of overblown health scare: not food but the deadly disease and rampant epidemic kind, usually from some new, strange and terrible virus like SARS (Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome), swine flu or bird flu – and now Ebola.

The episode must have been made at least weeks ago yet was broadcast the very day that the Texas Center for Disease Control reported the US's first case of this horrendous disease, which induces an intense fever, diarrhorrea, vomiting and a rash in those who contract it.

This has led to reasonable speculation that this is just the latest example of 'predictive programming'. Keen readers of my column will recall that according to this concept, the dark powers use the fiction of popular music, TV and film to show us mere mortals their dark and very real agenda as it unfolds in the certain knowledge that we can do nothing about it.

Although the mainstream media has been repeatedly telling everyone not to panic, it only serves to remind us older types of Corporal Jones in the sit-com Dad's Army. He would run around like a headless chicken shouting: 'Don't panic, Capt Mainwaring!' thereby displaying and encouraging in others the very reaction he was trying to prevent. Of course anyone who knows anything about human psychology – as the forces of darkness do – will know that this is precisely what happens when you tell people 'not to panic'.

medical professionals are beginning to realise the anti hpv vaccine poses a greater threat to human health than ebola © wiki
Medical professionals are beginning to realise the anti-HPV vaccine poses a greater threat to human health than Ebola

At the same time, the mainstream media has used every opportunity to relate the terrible symptoms of the virus: those severely infected begin to bleed internally and externally, killing them when their internal organs 'dissolve' and fail, usually a week or so after original contracting the disease.

So is there a genuine reason for alarm or is this is just another ploy to provoke ill-informed public demand for yet another unsafe and untested vaccine, as we saw in the case of the so-called anti-HPV vaccine promoted by star of reality TV, Jade Goody?

On Wednesday, the day after the first confirmed case of Ebola contracted within the US, the World Health Organisation – ever a supporter of vaccines and anti-virals (they are not the same thing) – issued a statement with regard to its progress in developing a 'vaccine'. It stated the organisation's aim to 'accomplish, within a matter of months, work that normally takes from two to four years, without compromising international standards for safety and efficacy.'

By a strange 'co-incidence', the WHO was at the time 'Patient Zero' was being admitted to hospital with Ebola hosting a meeting of more than 70 experts to determine – among other things – progress with regard to developing a 'safe vaccine' for the disease, which has taken the lives of over 3,000 people during the current outbreak this year.

'The Ebola outbreak currently ravaging parts of West Africa is the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times', the WHO went on to say. 'Never before in recent history has a biosafety level 4 pathogen infected so many people so quickly, over such a wide geographical area, for so long'.

So no scaremongering there then.

The Friday before the outbreak, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the Orwellian-sounding Global Health Security Agenda Summit in Washington DC that the Pentagon had maintained a longstanding research program to defend troops against infectious diseases, including Ebola. The gathering of top government and military officials and infectious disease experts from 44 countries also heard that the Pentagon had received approval to begin safety testing for one potential Ebola vaccine – that very week!

Two months ago, President Obama amended Executive Order No.13295 entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases – first issued by George Bush in April 2003 to deal with the threat from SARS. Although the Order already made specific mention of Ebola, section (b) was amended to include: 'Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness'.

Although it specifically exempts the 'flu, the Order means that anyone showing symptoms of any 'other respiratory illness' can be 'quarantined' – or locked up and held incommunicado – without their consent. This obviously raises the spectre of the US government rounding people up ostensibly in the interests of public safety but in reality for other more sinister reasons.

Suspicions have been further raised by the fact that the US powers-that-be have, despite the screening measures adopted, allowed a victim of the Ebola virus into the US at all and particularly because 'Patient Zero' was initially sent home from hospital after doctors failed to ascertain his travel history and test for the Ebola virus. At the same time, sanitation workers failed to properly clean his flat, aiding the potential spread of the disease across the US.

To all these factors we can add the results of academic research from Michigan State University, published last month, based on the assumption the World Health Organisation and others will be unable to control the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It predicts that 1.2 million people will die from the Ebola virus in the next six months, the minimum time necessary to contain the epidemic – according to the UN's health agency.

an estimated 1 2 million people will die from the ebola virus in the next six months   © wiki
An estimated 1.2 million people will die from the Ebola virus in the next six months...

Based on an econometric simulation model, the conclusions were based on certain assumptions, that:

the virus could be airborne and therefore be spread between human beings by the simple act of breathing, coughing or sneezing.

The WHO was right to estimate that 20,000 people could be afflicted with Ebola before it could be brought under control.

If we know nothing else, we know that the powers-that-be like their 'science-y bit', in the same way consumers of beauty products love it in their adverts, perhaps because the former are targeting the same audience as advertisers. And as ever, the science is about as reliable as the claims made in these adverts. The virus is passed on via contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected human or animal, acccording to the WHO itself or by contact with objects contaminated by the virus, particularly needles and syringes, according to the US Centers for Disease Control.

These facts do not get in the way of researcher Francis Smart concluding: 'Using a projection from all the WHO reports to date (Sept. 5), I calculate that if the disease continues to spread at the rate it currently is then we will have more than 20,000 cases by October 24'.

In fact, the latest WHO figures for the Ebola epidemic in West Africa – ironically and co-incidently – also released on Wednesday (1st October) – show 3,338 individuals had died out of the 7,178 who had been infected with the virus, still a long way short of the 20,000 predicted.

This exaggerated threat raises the spectre that it is more than just a co-incidence that Ebola has once again reared its ugly head so soon after the efforts of the dark elite to provoke WWIII in Syria then Ukraine failed so abysmally. To those of us in-the-know, it was obvious that the Third World War would be used as an excuse for ever greater austerity measures and to round up what they see as 'undesirables', all to distract from the soon-to-fail economies of the US and UK in particular.

Having failed to manufacture a case for war in the form of Assad using chemical weapons against his own people in Syria last summer and then failing to implicate Vladimir Putin in the shooting down of flight MH17 this summer, the forces of darkness had to find a new reason to suspend the normal rules of Western democracy with its inconvenient right not to be detained without fair trial.

Given these failures and the fact that the spectre of Ebola has been shoved down our throats for some months now, it is inescapable that the New World Order has now adopted Plan B for World Domination and Depopulation. And the public will have no choice but to comply.

Either they risk getting this manufactured virus – which has a certain resemblance to that other manufactured virus, HIV, in that it can be passed on by dirty syringes and semen and can be treated with anti-HIV drugs – and dying a horrible death. Or they will be quarantined in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) centres -- the name given to the concentration camps/gulags the US has been building for at least the last decade – for refusing to take the 'vaccine'.

Or they are forced to take the anti-viral which will either give them Ebola or will cause some other health problem as yet to be identified with the proposed vaccine, like sterility. Or death.

Even if you argue the intentions of the NWO are not actually sinister, you have to accept they are still making a small fortune from the rise in share prices associated with the news that the Pentagon and other research institutes – like Oxford University in conjunction with Big Pharma – have been given the go-ahead to test the new 'vaccines' on humans.

Indeed, an 'experimental serum' – produced by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc, whose antibody research is funded by the US Army – has already been given to those infected with Ebola earlier this year in Liberia. We have no record of the results of this 'experiment'.

And we have been here before:

In 2011 -- the year India was declared to be officially 'polio-free' – there were 47,500 recorded cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). According to figures collected by India’s National Polio Surveillance Project, cases of the disease across India rose dramatically in direct proportion to the number of polio vaccines administered, indicating a direct cause and effect between the vaccines and the illness.

Last month, the Indian Supreme Court questioned why the anti-HPV 'vaccine' had been tested on tribal girls when it was known to be associated with at least seven deaths.

Medical professionals are beginning to realise the anti-HPV vaccine poses a greater threat to human health than the disease itself. The anti-viral may also have been used to covertly sterilise vast swathes of the population in the same way that an anti-tetanus jab aimed at women of child-bearing age in the Philippines rendered them unable to take a pregnancy to term.

Children who have not had the bewildering array of vaccines now required to attend state schools in the US are immune from the outbreak of the EV-D68 virus, which is causing severe respiratory disease and paralysis in its victims across the mid-West of the US.

The evidence collected by Dr Len Horowitz convincingly demonstrates that AIDS and Ebola were introduced into the human population through the administration of vaccines. In his latest research, he argues thatthe WHO and the Centers for Disease Control have 'defrauded people after drug industrialists loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a bioweapons laboratory refrigerator'.

In 2009, Big Pharma organised a ‘campaign of panic’ to put pressure on the World Health Organisation to declare a pandemic of 'swine flu' in order to sell untested vaccines at a profit of £billions.

I mean, it's not as if we are talking about a disease like the black death or the bubonic plague, which wiped out millions of people in a much less populated world. The total deaths from swine flu, bird flu and SARS barely reach 10,000 across the whole planet, although you wouldn't know that from the almighty and wholly exaggerated fuss that each has generated in the mainstream media -- and is now being devoted to the Ebola 'epidemic'. Far more people die in road accidents.

 One thing is therefore absolutely absolutely certain. The risk of contracting Ebola and dying from it is nowhere near as great as any health risk posed by a man-made anti-viral 'vaccine', which has been rushed to market without properly being tested. (Of course, those-in-the-know are all too aware that cannabis oil is a proven natural anti-viral).

 When the powers-that-be give feigned expressions of concern for our health and livelihood, you know it is time to be very suspicious. And possibly very afraid.

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