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Reptilian Shapeshifter Eyewitness Passes Polygraph Test

Man who saw 'shapeshifting lizard' aces lie detector test

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 19th January 2017 @ 11.09am
man who claims he saw a 8 foot tall reptile passes the polygraph test © press
Man who claims he saw a 8-foot-tall reptile passes the polygraph test

A South Carolina man, who claims to have witnessed another man shapeshift into an "8-foot-tall reptile", has taken a polygraph test to prove his encounter was true and has passed, by correctly answering a series of questions, proving that his statement was actually the truth.

The witness claims he saw a man standing in the middle of the road who then "transformed" into "a red-eyed greenish creature" who began to run towards him.

Mr. Davis says he then jumped into his car and drove away in fear as the "Lizard Man" gave chase and jumped on the back of the car.

During the lie detector test, Davis correctly answered a series of questions including:

"Was the creature that attacked your car green and black? Were you drinking or smoking drugs? Were you really driving 35 mph when a creature jumped on your car? Did it occur immediately following you changing a flat tire?"

Lee County, S.C., Sheriff Liston Truesdale told The Huffington Post

“We got a call that something had mauled a car, and whatever it was did a good job on it.

“We dispatched two deputies to go see what had happened. Then they called me, saying, ‘Sheriff, we’ve never seen anything like this before,’ and you know what? I never have seen anything like that before!”

Truesdale recalled arriving on the scene and inspecting the damage to the car, saying that the chrome on the front car fender “was snapped in two like you would snap a toothpick. It tore off the sides, other pieces of chrome and the radio antenna — it was all over the car. While we were there, we learned there had been a big strange creature seen lurking around a nearby swamp.

“He never changed his story,” said Truesdale. “He was coming home from work and putting his tools back in his car after fixing a flat tire. He saw something running toward him which he described having red eyes and three-fingered hands. When he jumped in his car, he felt a bump on the back of it as he drove out of there like a bat out of hell."

“The creature went from the trunk to the top of the car, looking down at him through the windshield, and he was able to move his car back and forth to throw it off the car. His parents said he was so afraid, it took two hours to settle him down.”

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