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Child Sex Abuse Survivor Discovers She Was Victim Of CIA Mind Control

Sandy Bergen Caged & Sexually Abused By MK-Ultra Programme

By: Anna Bragga  |@NeonNettle
 on 4th June 2015 @ 6.50pm
 sandra bergen claims to have been sexually abused and mind controlled through the cia s mk ultra program  © © Conscience Communications
Sandra Bergen claims to have been sexually abused and mind controlled through the CIA's MK-Ultra program

Sandy (née Sandra Bergen) from Michigan, USA, claims to have been sexually abused and mind controlled through the CIA's covert behaviour modification program, code named MK-Ultra, since early childhood, but her family don’t want to know.


She took a chance in May, and flew to the UK to join international activists at the Alternative View (AV6) conference in Northamptonshire, hoping for a more receptive audience. The result was this candid interview with Conscience Communications and a further three indepth interviews with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project 

Sandy wasn’t a high presidential sex slave like Cathy O’Brien but, if her testimony is to be believed, she was a slave nonetheless. She had what she calls her “awakening” in December 2012, a time that marked the beginning of a journey of finding and putting together the pieces of her shattered life.

Her earliest memories are of being taken to Mount Clemens Hospital in Michigan at the tender age of three years old. She says: “I wasn’t sick that morning. My mother wrapped me in blanket and took me to the hospital and they put me in a cage. I always remembered it as three to four days, but through extensive therapy I know it was much longer.

“I never forgot a lot of parts of that hospital stay. Other memories started flashing back in December 2012, when it was like a bag was taken off my head and I was being led to information, websites and books and I started putting pieces of the puzzle together of the horrible childhood that I’d had, with all the sexual abuse and the hospital stay.

“Other children were in the cages around me. We were allowed out of the cages to go to a play corner, to play with blocks and puzzles and numbers."

"The only visit from my parents during those days was when they brought me puzzles. I sat in that cage and I solved them all. The brain is prepared for the fragmentation through the puzzles and symbols. They put the command in.”

Watching Sandy confidently recall the horrors of her childhood without a trace of anger or bitterness, it’s hard to imagine the person she once was, but that’s most likely because she’s in her “survival alter,” concedes Miles Johnston. It could also be her Christian faith and adherence to Biblical scriptures, which she quotes at times. The youngest of five children, and now a mother and grandmother herself, Sandy says hers was a “Brave New World” childhood; she was bred for it.

“Right after the hospital stay, my cousin – who’s about my age – was spending the night and they put him in bed with me. I remember the first time I woke up. There was a rough hand fondling me, and I remember thinking it felt good. It felt familiar. Through my extensive therapy, I’ve seen that they sexually abused me. They would wake me up in the cage just like that.”

The abuse went on for years, so that by the time she was six or seven years old she knew her cousin’s body intimately.

“I always thought it was our secret, I never told anybody anything.”

At school, through Fourth and Fifth Grade, there was “making out” during the recesses, she recalls. “It was like this little sex party every recess. We thought they [the teachers] were hiding. We know they must have seen us.”

The hospital has destroyed her medical records, she says. “They knew what they were doing.” Her relationships have been messy to say the least. She’s chosen to live by herself now because she’s had at least fourteen “handlers.” She’s been married and divorced three times, widowed, and in between had boyfriends who “passed her along.” They were all predators. “They stole from me and cheated. I used to get beatings.”

After her first husband was killed in a car accident, she met a man she refers to as a “Nordic” because of his tall, blond, blue-eyed looks, who introduced her to drugs. They started travelling around the States, and regularly made trips between New York and Michigan.

“I’m sure I was cartel-ing…” she adds. “The best mule is the one who doesn’t know they have anything, doesn’t have to be paid, and pays for the trip. I lived it.”

Remarkably, despite addictions to hard drugs, she managed to hold down a position as a legal secretary for a period of 25 to 30 years.

“They [the handlers] got me on drugs and it was always weird to me that all these law firms I worked at never did a drug test, ever. So I was always on something. I haven’t done hard drugs in eight years now. I have deep regret over it.” 



sandy had what she calls her    awakening    in december 2012  a time that marked the beginning of a journey © © Conscience Communications
Sandy had what she calls her “awakening” in December 2012, a time that marked the beginning of a journey

Sandy believes the MK-Ultra project is generational, and the mind control is huge. She points to the scars on her temples, marks derived from something attached to her head.

“I’ve had spiritual contact which I think is a by-product of the electro-shock. They do fragment your mind. They put compartments in.”

“They watch everything you do. The whole program is from cradle to grave. My last house, that I have just sold, had cameras on me. They had surveillance lights across the property. There would be lights peering through the woods right at me because they knew I was going to wake up in December 2012.”

“Most people think I’m crazy because I’ve seen [space]ships. One day at home, I was doing my dishes and looking over at the woods, when there was a poof coming up like a mushroom. I got my camera and took the picture. Above [the space ship] there were eight orbs, lights. With my binoculars I could see a ship hovering in the sky, going up and down. It had windows, lights and was oval in shape. After half an hour it flew off without making a sound.”

Sceptics might question whether Sandy is simply paranoid, but film maker Miles Johnston says he witnessed Sandy being “gangstalked” when she spent a few days with him in Devizes after the AV6 conference.

He says: “On the Saturday before she left, we took a walk to the White Horse in Devizes and were tracked by a couple of people. She had an agent sitting next to her for the whole flight home. They made their presence known while she was waiting for her flight at Birmingham airport.”

“They’re very organised. There’s a local cell that will take over the surveillance and harassment.”

Johnston scanned Sandy for radiowave implants, but didn’t find any. The only thing that came up was the metal in her bra straps – proof that the equipment was working. One thing we can be certain of is that Sandy Bergen is a very strong, intelligent woman who has survived harrowing childhood abuse and struggled with the effects throughout her adult life. She came to the UK because she wants the CIA’s MK-Ultra program to be revealed, and to make people aware that “the Masons are not good. They hurt their own children.”

Anna Bragga  is a freelance journalist and film maker, and founder of ConscienceCommunications.For more of Sandy Bergen’s story, watch the interview by Conscience Communications below

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