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Pizzagate: Hackers Who Destroyed 10,000 Darkweb Sites Are Naming Names

Hackers to present information to FBI

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 9th February 2017 @ 3.10pm
hackers who took 10 000 dark websites linked to child porn  now have access to thousands of names © press
Hackers who took 10,000 dark websites linked to child porn, now have access to thousands of names

Hackers who took 10,000 dark websites linked to child porn, now have access to thousands of names from the published list of usernames and passwords.

The hackers believe that the names may have strong links to Pizzagate and are now ready to present the information to the FBI. It was also recently reported that an FBI insider said that 30% of Washington DC were connected to the Elite Pedophile ring.

After action reporting reports: The hacker downloaded and published 74Gb of files and a 2.3Gb database.


This is proving to be a turning point in the Pizzagate crowd-sourced investigation. Or at least, part of the investigation is likely to fork into that direction (until the data has been thoroughly parsed).

As researchers are digging, they are starting to name names. This is what David Bernheart says:

"I believe that The Freedom Host 2 hack is a potential game changer. We can start naming names. From the published list of usernames and passwords, it is very easy to find active "dating" site accounts simply by Googling a username and trying the password on whatever such sites are returned. Pedos are being identified by Pizzagaters right now as you can see here: [redacted by OP] So, strategically speaking, should we out suspected pedophiles and claim credit for it? I'm not talking about doxxing. I'm talking about compiling a list of suspected pedophiles, presenting it to the FBI, and presenting a redacted copy in a press release. We could scream "HERE'S A LIST OF REAL PEDOPHILES FROM OUR 'FAKE' INVESTIGATION, ASSHOLES!" Please share your measured thoughts."

They are not sure if the hackers published the 74Gb files. They did publish the database, which contains backups of customer data.

Here's a blog post about it:

Basically, loads of pedo forums/sites were hosted here. You can read pretty much everything including plaintext messages between pedos.

There's a link to the torrent at that blog post. According to the Anons who uploaded it, they removed all CP so it should be fairly sanitary.

If you know how to load a .sql database, that's the best way to view it. but it's a huge pain in the ass and takes a while to set up

The easiest way to start searching this dump is using a program called EmEditor, that will allow you to view it in plaintext and is searchable.

Below and continued in the comments are an example of the type of shit I've found so far. It appears to be all of the 'customer support' messages for a human trafficking site. I hope there's enough info to at least catch this one pedo using western union info.

Keep in mind, a lot of darkweb services are fake and just scams. But I think the logs below have enough info to catch at least this one guy and if legit rescue at least 1 little girl.

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