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FBI Quietly Admits Hillary Clinton Is Guilty After All

Released documents show she knowingly comited crimes

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 11th February 2017 @ 11.32am
fbi documents reveal that hillary clinton knowingly broke the law © press
FBI documents reveal that Hillary Clinton knowingly broke the law

The FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's misuse of classified emails has been ongoing, despite the lack of discussion in the mainstream media, yet the recently released documents highlighting the Bureau's inquiries, show that she repeatedly, and knowingly broke federal law.

With the MSM's nothing-to-see-here attitude towards the emails scandal, it'd be easy to assume the situation had been fully investigated and Clinton was innocent of all crimes, or if anything was found, "the Russians did it".

However, it seems that the FBI have, in fact, uncovered the truth and quietly released the evidence to the public without the slightest song and dance being funneled through TV screens.

The FBI's investigation documents weren't released to the world press but were made available for public viewing.

Here's WikiLeaks reports:

Here's the part of the documentation of particular interest, which clearly highlights that Hillary Clinton knew she was committing a federal offense, and shows, without doubt, that she purposely lied to the American public to cover it up:

the documents show that hillary clinton broken the law and covered it up © press
The documents show that Hillary Clinton broken the law and covered it up

With no official announcements from the FBI regarding their findings, but the evidence being made public, could they be using the documents to get the public behind the investigation by sidestepping the usual media filters?

It seems that the truth has been out there, hidden in plain sight, after all.

If the evidence is there to prove that Clinton committed these crimes, then why hasn't she been prosecuted, you may ask?

Clearly, the Democrats have done deals behind the scenes and twisted the arm of the FBI up behind its back to ensure she wouldn't be indicted.

Perhaps James Comey just takes his orders from Clintons like the rest of the Democrats.

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