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Pizzagate: High Level Pedophile Ring Arrests To Begin 'Within Hours'

FBI closes in on biggest targets in Washington D.C.

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 13th February 2017 @ 12.09pm
the fbi is closing in on high level washington d c  targets © press
The FBI is closing in on high level Washington D.C. targets

The FBI is to begin making high-level arrests in Washington D.C. in relation to the Pizzagate pedophile ring, according to sources.

Federal law enforcers have already made hundreds of lower-level arrests over the past few days as the US Government takes steps to dismantle the networks' infrastructure.

Multiple sources have now claimed that we could see much bigger arrests take place 'within hours' as the Federal Bureau of Investigation works up way up the political spectrum.

Donald Trump's confidante and former advisor, Roger Stone has posted a series of pizza-related Tweets hinting towards a possible sting in Washington D.C.

The first Twitter post was a link to a guide of the best pizza places in Washington D.C., with the next semi-cryptic tweet being a picture of a pizza slice with no comment.

Journalist David Seaman, who was fired from the Huffington Post for writing about Hillary Clinton's health problems and attempting to expose elite pedophilia, has also tweeted that we can expect to see arrests within hours, adding that, if the information didn't materialize, he would expose his source's identity.

The recent stings have left many dissatisfied with the lack of high ranking names taken into custody, with the arrests only going up as far as police officers and state officials.

An anonymous FBI insider recently confirmed that the FBI had arrest warrants in place for various high-ranking politicians, and were awaiting confirmation from the newly appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Immediately after Sessions was sworn-in as the new AG, President Trump signed a new executive order to give federal law enforcers extra powers to crack down on human traffickers.

With the recent child sex trafficking arrests made by the FBI, their strategy is becoming clearer, and in this situation, it looks as though the swamp is being drained from the bottom first. 

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