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Assange: 'Russian Hacks' Were Faked By The CIA To Frame Russia

WikiLeaks founders says malware expert has confirmed fake

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 10th March 2017 @ 9.12pm
julian assange says a malware expert has confirmed the russian hacks were faked by the cia © Press
Julian Assange says a malware expert has confirmed the Russian hacks were faked by the CIA

Julian Assange has revealed that a full analysis of the leaked CIA documents by a malware expert confirms that alleged hacking attacks by Russia were faked by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The WikiLeaks founder says that the attacks were done by US intelligence using techniques exposed by the whistlblowing organization this week, that made it look like they came from Russian hackers.

Mr. Assange reveals that the CIA, possibly working with the Obama Administration's knowledge, has acted in a way to manipulate the public into turning against Russia, potentially triggering WW3, whilst simultaneously delegitimizing Donald Trump's presidential victory.

PSN reports: News that the CIA could make its malware look as if it derived from Russia, China or other actors emerged as part of WikiLeaks’ ‘Year Zero’ data release on Tuesday. According to the leaked information, the CIA’s malware allows the intelligence agency to not only steal hacking

According to the leaked information, the CIA’s malware allows the intelligence agency to not only steal hacking techniques but also to leave false “fingerprints” to make it appear as if others were responsible for the attack. Well there you have

Well, there you have it, folks: Everything that Liberals, Democrats, and the media claim as legit Trump/Russia ties have all come directly out of the CIA and not Russia.

The false narrative of Trump having Russian contacts has been "fake news" from day one, with the claims of Russia infiltrating the US Government being proven as outright propaganda.

The "Russian hacking scandal" has been exposed as something that's coming directly out of the CIA and not Russia, and it's something that the mainstream media have been pushing down the public's throats.

But thanks to Wikileaks proving that Russian hacks associated with Trump hold no water as these narratives looked to be created out of the CIA.

Of course, it makes sense when the Russian hack/Trump connections first come through the mainstream media, which is a known outlet of the CIA through Operation Mockingbird, and lo and behold, everything the Democrats and MSM have blamed on Russia is actually a product of the CIA

This comes a day after where we found out that the CIA stole Russian malware to make cyber attacks look like they come out of Russia, and this confirms, yet again, that the hacking scandal was absolutely fabricated.

The fake Russian narrative is something the CIA has created, and these actions could be devastrating on a global level.

These acts are clearly intended to cause chaos, be it by undemining Trump's presidency, or worse: triggering World War 3.

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