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NASA Discovers Artificial Object on the Surface of Mars

Curiosity Rover made incredible discovery on Martian surface

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 28th June 2017 @ 6.16pm
nasa s curiosity rover has discovered an artificial object on the surface of mars © NASA
NASA's Curiosity Rover has discovered an artificial object on the surface of Mars

A crystal clear image of a bizarre artificial object on the surface of Mars has been captured by NASA's Curiosity Rover.

The HD image shows the rocky, desert-like landscape of Mars, with ripples etched in the surface by the wind.

Right in the middle of the high-definition photo is an object that looks completely different anything that has ever been captured on the Red Planet before.

The object has been described by viewers of the image as having a smooth, possibly metallic, exterior, with some saying it appears to have lights.

UFO experts have even claimed that it is an alien spacecraft, and possible proof of intelligent alien life, reports the Daily Star.

the artificial object as it was spotted in mars © NASA
The artificial object as it was spotted in Mars

Express reports: There have been countless other rover pictures put forward by alien chasers amid claims they show ruins, fossils, or even live creatures on Mars, but most have appeared to be just odd-shaped rocks.

The image was taken in March but is now being discussed on Reddit.

User Prosaic Origin, who posted the image on web forum Reddit, said: “Uh NASA? UFO caught on Mars Rover mission?

“Is this real?”

Mikeymike34 said: “This is awesome!”

EdisonVonneZula said: “Looks like light glimmering off of a genuine spaceship on an alien planet in outer space.”

Crazylegs99 said: “They forgot to Photoshop that one out.

“Love how skeptical the mods are. You could have aliens waving hi through the windshield and it would be flagged as a likely prosaic.”

However, another more level-headed user suggested it could be debris from the Rover’s landing craft.

User OnceReturned said: “Apparently the Rover was near its own entry debris on that date and was photographing it.”

They added: “The object certainly appears to be artificial. We know that the Rover was taking pictures of its own entry debris at that time.

“There's nothing particularly alien about the object in question – it could easily be entry debris, at least in my opinion.

“Sure, it could be the smoking gun, but I think that given the context provided by the timestamped image above, it seems that entry debris would be the most parsimonious explanation.

“It's a great find though. It certainly captured my interest.”

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