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JP Morgan/CIA Links Raise The Stakes Over Suspicious Banker Deaths

11th Alleged Suicide In Seven Weeks

By: Jack Miles  |@jackdmiles
 on 20th May 2014 @ 12.15am
edmund reilly otherwise known as © Twitter
Edmund Reilly otherwise known as

Edmund Reilly otherwise known as "Eddie", who was a Vertical group trader, has jumped in front of a train in Long Island last Tuesday in New York.

He is the eleventh banker to die in suspicious circumstances in the last two months and the seventh adding to the 'banker suicide' epidemic.

At the same time, accounts of two of the previous suicides, Autumn Radtke, the CEO of First Meta, and Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JP Morgan, have changed, fuelling the suspicions of investigators and conspiracy analysts.

Three of the suspicious deaths -- two of them 'suicides' and one a 'fall' -- involve executives from investment bank JP Morgan, which has been revealed to have close relations with the CIA. In the case of the recent death of Eddie Reilly, eyewitnesses on the west-bound express train told investigators they saw a man standing by the tracks before he jumped in front of the train.   He was declared dead at the scene.

Many mainstream reports have emphasised that Reilly had been depressed about a recent divorce, but his suicide, in light of reports that up to 30+ bankers may have died suspicious deaths in recent years, and the changing reports or scant detail put out about at least two of them, have led to many once again questioning the official version of events.

In the case of 28-year-old Autumn Radtke, the Singapore-based CEO of First Meta, a virtual currency exchange, initial reports suggested her body had been found in her apartment early on the morning of 5th March. 

Police have now confirmed that her body was found at the foot of the 25-storey Cantonment Close apartment buildings, a two-minute walk from Radtke’s apartment, where she was declared dead by paramedics.  The powers-that-be are treating it as a case of unnatural death. 

autumn radtke  the singapore based ceo of first meta  a virtual currency exchange  was also found dead © Twitter
Autumn Radtke, the Singapore-based CEO of First Meta, a virtual currency exchange, was also found dead

In the case of Gabriel Magee, The Independent stated that Magee “died after falling from the roof.”  At the same time, the London Evening Standard initially reported that “a man plunged to his death from a Canary Wharf tower in front of thousands of horrified commuters today" and tweeted: “Bankers watch JP Morgan IT exec fall to his death from roof of London HQ.”

These 'horrified commuters' on the street would not have had a view of the body because Magee fell to a ninth floor promontory jutting out from the 33-storey building, which stands in the shadow of the Tower at Canary Wharf.  Indeed, police have been unable to locate a single witness to his death plunge.

According to drawings and plans submitted by JP Morgan to the local council after it bought the building in 2010, the ninth floor roof is accessible “via the stair from level 8 within the existing Level 9 plant enclosure. ” 

In addition, it later emerged that Magee had emailed his girlfriend the evening before his death plunge, telling her he would be home shortly. Magee's parents -- who named him after the Archangel Gabriel, the bringer of good news -- have though demanded answers to unresolved questions: how, for example, did Magee get on the roof of the 500ft tall European HQ of JP Morgan?

 It is a highly secured area of the building which is inaccessible to employees other than top security and maintenance personnel. 

Rather than throwing himself to his death from the roof that morning, it is just as likely therefore that Magee was placed on the ninth floor promontory the evening before, when he was already dead.

The Standard also uncritically quoted the Metropolitan police press release, compiled with the help of the investment bank: "No arrests have been made and the death is being treated as non-suspicious.”

Police are now gathering the details of exactly how Magee died and why his death was so quickly labeled “non suspicious.”  An Coroner’s inquest will reveal the details of that investigation in the coming months. Late last year, the US magazine Newsweek reported on the close links between JP Morgan, which has been proven to have been involved in all sorts of financial fraud in recent months, and the National Resources Division, a reported front organisation for the CIA.  

Describing the group as “biggest little CIA shop you’ve never heard of”, Stein went on to say that NRD operatives “cultivate their own sources on Wall Street, [...] recruiting companies to provide cover for CIA operations abroad. 

It cited the case of Thomas Higgins, a Managing Director and Global Head of Operational Control for JP Morgan.  Higgins was previously the Senior Officer and Station Chief in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, a component of which is the National Resources Division.  Higgins’ bio is printed in past brochures of the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, where Higgins is listed with his JP Morgan job title, former CIA job title, and as a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors for 2013.

The Newsweek article quotes sources who say that JP Morgan's "intimate relations with top U.S. corporate executives willing to have their companies fronting for the CIA invites trouble at home and abroad.” 

It may be that at least one of the banker deaths at JP Morgan is the 'trouble' resulting from those 'intimate relations'.                                                                                                                                    

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