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Pizzagate Ping Pong Shooter Found To Be An Actor With IMDB Profile

Edgar Maddison Welch worked as actor in film industry

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 5th December 2016 @ 4.07pm
the pizzagate comet ping pong shooter was an actor according to youtuber pressresetearth © press
The Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong shooter was an actor according to Youtuber PressResetEarth.

The Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong shooter was an actor according to Youtuber PressResetEarth. The Youtuber had uncovered some startling facts in his video about Edgar Maddison Welch, who had opened fire a DC pizzeria on Sunday. The Youtuber describes it as the "most obvious hoax I've ever seen".


According to Heavy.com, Welch had a brief career as an actor int he film industry and even had an IMDB profile. Welch was also a production assistant for independent films “The Mill” and “A Tale About Bootlegging” but was also an actor in the film “The Bleeding” in 2009.

He also is credited as a writer on the short film “Mute.”

In social media comments, there are those who are highlighting that Welch's past in these movies point towards him being a "crisis actor" who has hired carry out a false flag at Comet Pizza.

Welch's father, Harry Welch Jr, ia also a former police officer and firearms instructor and according to his IMDB profile, his family has hosted foster children and has worked to prevent child abuse.

He was, “elected President of the North Carolina Crime Stoppers Association (two terms). Served as Executive Director for Protect-A-Child, a national, non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. Appointed by Governor Jim Martin to the Governor’s Commission on Child Victimization.”

On his Facebook page, Welch “likes” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and his website, Infowars, and has posted anti-Muslim videos in the past.

In 2014, Welch shared a Youtube video on his Facebook page titled “Bible prophecy and the Coming Muslim anti-Christ,” writing, “great, please watch,” along with two quotes from the Bible.

In 2015, he shared a video called “A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim,” in which a man explains that ISIS is representative of the entire Muslim religion, and says stopping Islam will stop terrorism.

He also shared several videos and posts about how the “end of times” is coming soon.

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